Carried by the Current

Coming soon to Seattle

Women’s Work Productions

Join us in bringing women’s history to the stage.  Founded by a group of theatrical veterans and storytellers from Seattle, along with author and playwright Nicola Pearson, we are excited to bring women’s history to life.


History is filled with stories that have never been told.  Rich, colorful stories of human courage in the face of adversity, of visionaries ahead of their time and of paths pioneered through the complex weave of life so that we might make our way more easily.  Sometimes these stories have remained hidden because their main characters are women.  Carried by the Current is one such story.  Join Women’s Work Productions as we bring this story and many more to the stage.

Step 3: Creating a Wave

About a month ago, I found myself writing in a journal about the struggle of reaching out to businesses and individuals regarding our preview of Carried by the Current and not being sure if they’d reply. Or say yes if they did reply. And as I wrote, I...

Step Two: Behind the Scenes

The Journey of a Play to Production. Step Two: Behind The Scenes As you may have figured out from our last blog post, we’re all actors here at Women’s Work Productions, which means our favorite thing to do is be on stage communing with the audience. But...

Step One: Letting Go

The Journey of a Play to Production. Step One: Letting Go It was Sarah that started the ball rolling. Sarah and Pilar. They got chatting in April 2018 and the conversation wound around to Sarah telling Pilar the premise of my play, Carried by the Current....